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Roko spiller på Fosselv Camping 7. og 8. juli 2017. Velkommen!
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Fishing & other activities

Hiking trail to Fosselv Waterfall

Hike to Fosselv Waterfall, which has a freefall of 64 m. The trail starts near Fosselv Camping and is marked with red signs up to the forest line, which is around 235 metres above sea level. The trail is around 2 km each way and has been designed as a loop. This hike would be classified as reasonably easy although some climbing is required. However, this is rewarded with a magnificent view over the Straum Fiord. Allow around two hours for the return trip.

Fosselv Waterfall

Allow around two hours for the hike up to Fossvannet and an extra hour if you choose to continue to the summit of Fáhttavárri (around 800 m above sea level) or Cudno (around 900 m above sea level). The views from here are quite astonishing in all directions. In clear weather, you can view seven different parishes.

Mountain hiking

We highly recommend continuing up to the cliff from where the Fosselv Waterfall begins its 64 m freefall. The views are breathtaking and well worth the climb. (See the photo to the left.) If you walk a further 20 minutes across relatively flat countryside, you will discover the mountain lake of Fossvannet, which is noted for excellent fishing for char. From here, it’s not far to the peaks of Fáhttavárri or Cudnogáisá.


Fosselv Camping is located near the fiord and the fishing is great from either the shore or a boat. We have boats available for hire. The Straum Fiord offers good catches of cod, coalfish and sea char. We have fish cleaning facilities and a barbecue area. This halibut was caught near the camping ground in 2009.










In May and June reindeer are grazing in the nearby area.

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